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On a dusty seven-hour car ride home from Santa Fe, Dia Kline had a vision of creating a funky line of jewelry. During her holiday, she’d visited a local flea market and was inspired by jewelry she’d seen made from vintage gaming pieces. She knew she could improve upon the idea and create a unique line of jewelry by adding her unique artistic twist to the designs. By the end of her journey, she had conceptualized a complete product line and a method of production, created a company name inspired by that dusty drive home through the West and had put together a plan of action. The following week, she sold her first bracelet. And with that, a journey began that has since turned Lady Luck® Jewelry into a nationally recognized company, a leader in environmental jewelry design, and made Dia Kline into an honest to goodness recognized and collected artist!

In 2007, Dia realized that Lady Luck® had grown way beyond it’s original intent of vintage repurposed gaming collectibles into a much larger jewelry company that needed its own identity. An unusual problem to have since products don’t typically out grow their brand! Faced with this crossroads, Dia created a new company and in 2008, Publish™ Jewelry was born.

The focus on Lady Luck® Jewelry is on vintage and repurposed gaming collectibles and all other types of vintage and repurposed collectibles can be found in the Publish™ Jewelry Collections.

Each collectible is hand-chosen and goes through a meticulous selection process ensuring that only the most unique and beautiful pieces are incorporated into the jewelry. The styles of jewelry are simple and eye catching, yet bold in their statements. Rather than complicating the jewelry and visually competing with vintage collectibles, the supplementary beading and designs are striking and flattering, yet simple in form. The idea is that the collectible should catch your eye, not any of the surrounding elements, which then allows the pieces to speak for themselves - changing jewelry from simple accessories to pieces of personal expression.

Lady Luck® and Publish™ Jewelry stand a cut above as a unique, affordable and eye-catching “must-have” collectibles offering truly unique and distinctive jewelry that will bring you admirers every time you wear it. We really do mean it when we say, “Don’t wear this jewelry unless you want to talk.” because you will be complimented and questioned constantly while wearing your pieces. To ensure you know the unique history of your piece, we include a product description card with every item. (We recommend memorizing the information since you’ll repeating it so often!)

Lady Luck® and Publish™ Jewelry are based in Niwot, Colorado. Lady Luck® Jewelry was created on the dining room table in 1999.

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