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Faux Vintage Collection
Faux vintage dice are made to duplicate the look and charm of vintage dice. Our dice are made in the USA by the oldest dice manufacturer in the country and are cast and hand drilled, not molded and mass-produced. All colors and tones are created by the designer, Dia Kline, evoking the look of vintage dice while creating a new element of color never before seen in dice. The unique color palette and the seven dot logo are exclusive to the Lady Luck® Jewelry brand. From the design to the color, the Lady Luck® Jewelry Faux vintage dice collection has become the unique signature of a distinctive line of jewelry.

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Vintage Dice Collection
The Vintage Bakelite dice, circa 1930’s and 1940’s and originating from the East Coast of the United States are prized for their rarity and imperfections. Look for the irregular size, uneven drilled dots, over painting, and chipped edges that give these dice their individuality. Meant to have been destroyed by the factory, they accidentally survived giving an interesting look into the history of dice. The vintage dice collection from Lady Luck® Jewelry will be certain to inspire conversation and gift giving everywhere.

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Vintage Mah Jong Collection
Vintage Bakelite Mah Jong tiles circa 1930-1950 and bone and bamboo tiles circa mid 1800’s to the 1920’s are the main types of tiles used by Lady Luck® Jewelry. Suits include: Cracks, Bams, Dots, Winds, Dragons, Honor, and Seasons. Dia Kline has taken the most played game in the world and repurposed it into a collectible line of jewelry. Handmade beads highlight and emphasize the beauty of the tiles.

Bakelite, invented in 1907, is considered to be the first plastic. This is a highly collectible material whose production was stopped in the 1950’s due to the development of less costly plastics. Due to the unique nature of these tiles, the colors will vary from a light butter yellow to a deep burnt orange. All jewelry sold by Lady Luck® Jewelry stating Bakelite has been tested with two standard methods and is considered to be to the best of our knowledge. Bone and bamboo tiles are hand carved and dovetailed together. Varying types of bone used depends on when and where each set was made. Hand selected beads compliment each tile. Our Mah Jong collection can be seen on celebrities, in movies, and in print ads.

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Vintage Domino Collection
From hand-made bone and ebony dominoes from the late 1800’s to the ever popular and collectible Bakelite of the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s, Lady Luck® Jewelry offers truly unique and one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces. Each set of dominoes offers a limited number of pieces, usually only 28. Once these have been used, tiles of similar vintage and appearance will be used to remake the design. By producing the jewelry in this manner, we create pieces within a style that are truly unique while at the same time giving accessibility within a collection. Look for the pieces have the classic Lady Luck® Jewelry signature of overlapping bead straps. Bead variety includes glass and metal.

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Publish™ Jewelry- Milagros
Milagros (meaning miracles) are small charm offerings that are placed on sacred altars with the hopes of obtaining divine intervention and protection. These offerings can take many forms and shapes ranging from body parts to food. Dia Kline has taken this traditional folk art and given it contemporary twist. By using vintage ephemera from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, Milagros transports eras long past into our modern world filling it with magic and inspiration. By using lost photos, discarded postcards, stamps and marketing materials and repurposing them into a line of collectible jewelry, Dia Kline has turned an unused memory into a coveted piece of heirloom jewelry with new meaning for the 21st century. Highlighting the unnoticed aspects of each image is the not-so-secret charm to these one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Accenting the sterling silver disk charm necklaces and bracelets are hand-tied semi-precious stones. Necklaces are strung adjustable from 20 to a short choker necklace. Bracelets are strung adjustable to accommodate most wrist sizes.

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Publish™ Jewelry - Treasure
These beautiful repurposed items are found by Dia as she searches through antiquity looking for unique treasures. Eye-catching and imaginative, every piece is designed with the artistic flare and simplicity that defines the look of Publish™ Jewelry. Items in the Treasure Collection include Brass Check Tags, 1800's Mother of Pearl Chinese Game Counters,1910 Gimbel Brothers Metal Placards, Late 1880's Optometrist Lens and Vintage Chandelier Crystals necklaces. Often these pieces are found in limited editions making their availability short lived.

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