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The next “new thing” in fashion is always being created. The latest fashions stay one-step ahead and discard the past until it is ready for a retro emergence. You can follow the trend, get out of the way, or carve your own path. The mission behind Lady Luck® Jewelry and Publish™ Jewelry is to take discarded and forgotten items from the past and reform them into jewelry.

These collections are unique statements in the history of fashion.

Research, knowledge, experience, and the critical eye are some of the factors that make Dia Kline such a premier treasure hunter and explains why the pieces she finds are without comparison. She searches the world over to find pieces unique enough to add to the Lady Luck® Jewelry and Publish™ Jewelry Collections. We know that wearing 100-year-old historic collectible is an honor. Our clients know the pleasure of finding a vintage necklace that fits their style while getting an appreciation into a past they hadn’t yet known to exist. It is the same discovery process Dia Kline experiences when she finds exquisite treasures that have laid untouched and forgotten about decades of years.

All jewelry sold in the Lady Luck® Jewelry and Publish™ Jewelry collections are unique to Lady Luck® Jewelry and Publish™ Jewelry and all vintage pieces are bought and sold as authentic. To verify if your jewelry is a true piece of Lady Luck® Jewelry or Publish™ Jewelry simply look for the registered 7-dot logo. The faux vintage dice carry the following number sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Dominoes and Mah Jong tiles will have the logo branded on one of the tiles, as the material allows; some tiles cannot be branded and can be verified through the Lady Luck® Jewelry Catalog. The Publish™ Jewelry Milagros collection will carry the logo on the back of every disk and the Treasure collection will have an added branded disk with the logo.

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