Large Milagros Earrings
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Sale price: 42.00

Description: Sterling Silver Milagros are being discontinued.


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Milagros, meaning miracles, are small charm offerings that are placed on sacred altars with the hopes of obtaining divine intervention and protection. These offerings can take many forms and shapes ranging from body parts to food.

Dia Kline has taken this traditional folk art and given it contemporary twist using only vintage images from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s, including photographs, postcards, advertising inserts, and stamps. She then repurposes them into a line of collectible jewelry.

Milagros turn unused memories into coveted pieces of heirloom jewelry with new meaning for the 21st century. Highlighting unnoticed and unique aspects of each image is the not so secret charm to these one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Accenting the sterling silver disk charms are hand tied semi-precious stones.

The large earrings are 3/4” sterling silver disks hung on a sterling silver French wire. Each pair comes with clear plastic ear nuts to prevent loss. Special Orders with personal heirloom photos are always welcome.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Milagros:
Publish™ Jewelry recommends using a natural, non-abrasive tarnish paste cleaner for silver jewelry. Apply paste with moist fingers to entire piece of jewelry, including the backs of all charms. Rub gently until tarnish comes off. Rinse in cold water to remove paste and pat dry. Milagros charms are water resistant, NOT WATERPROOF. Do not soak charms and use care when handling and storing.