Milagros Thread Single Necklace
Price: 20.00
Colors: Close-up Heart, Music Notes Staccato, Music Notes with rest, Guadalupe, Jesus, Mary, Close-up Bird
Size: 16" Gold Plated, 16" Silver Plated

Description: Milagros, meaning miracles, are small charm offerings that are placed on sacred altars with the hopes of obtaining divine intervention and protection. These offerings can take many forms and shapes ranging from body parts to food. Dia Kline has taken this traditional folk art and given it contemporary twist using vintage images repurposed into jewelry.

The Milagros Thread Necklace offers these miracles to you as a keepsake wish. The necklaces are meant to be worn until they fall off, then sending your wish out for intervention or protection.

Each Milagros Thread Necklace comes stung on red thread in your choice of disk in antiqued silver or gold plate. Available in 16" length.

Current images include:
Blue Bird - 1900's Postcard
Flaming Heart - 1900's Postcard
Think Kind - 1900's Postcard
Jesus - 1930's hand-tinted Mexican photo postcard
Mary - 1930's hand-tinted Mexican photo postcard
Guadalupe - 1930's hand-tinted Mexican photo postcard
Various Music Notes - 1890's sheet music